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About me

My name is Fabian Würfl and I'm a Technical Security Consultant at SEC Consult. In February 2018 I finished my masters degree in IT-Security at the FH Campus Wien. Privacy and secure IT-systems are very important to me, which is why I always aim to strengthen my knowledge and skills on these topics. However, it's also important to me, to pass on my knowledge which is the reason why I started this blog.


As stated above, it is important to me to pass on my knowledge - especially regarding privacy and security related issues. On this blog I mainly want to address the average computer user who has no advanced IT-skills. This will be done by posting everyday hints, information (e.g. about current securty threats and important data breaches), tips, and awareness-raising articles. The main goal of these posts will be to teach an average computer user how to (more) securely enjoy the world wide web.
However, I'd also like to write more technical blog posts in which even readers with an IT background can hopefully learn something new. For example, this may include write-ups of tricky CTF-challenges, interesting tools/techniques, helpful tricks, and reports about security vulnerabilities I discovered.

What does the name stand for

BafDyce is my usual nickname which I use for example on gitlab and github . Some people I know like to abbreviate it to just Baf.

Blox just stands for blogs, which is what I do on this site :-)


I am always happy to receive feedback, questions, suggestions, or the like. The simpliest way to contact me is to drop a mail to However, please keep in mind that it may take me a few days to respond!


All opinions expressed on this site are my own personal opinions and are not endorsed by, nor do they represent the opinions of my previous, current and future employers or any of its affiliates, partners or customers.